A vehicle is usually the second largest purchase you will make in your lifetime, after your home. Why choose the cheapest tyre to go on one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make?  Would you compromise safety in your home by installing the cheapest boiler?  So why compromise safety by fitting the cheapest tyre.

The tyres on your vehicle keep you on the road and are the only thing between your car and the road and the consideration of safety should be paramount.

A premium tyre in comparison to an economy tyre provides improved performance, advanced technology and greater safety.  An economy tyre can result in decreased fuel efficiency as well as a reduced life expectancy and, therefore, can make the purchase a false economy.  

Premium tyre manufacturers use the most up-to-date technology and quality materials whilst working extremely closely with car manufacturers.  The tyres are manufactured for the ultimate safety, life expectancy, fuel efficiency and grip.  Some economy tyres are manufactured with very dated technology and lower quality materials resulting in a poorer all round performance.