Please note with our tyres...

tyre-fitters-wales*  We have highly competitive prices.

*  All prices shown are inclusive of fitting, valve, wheel balance, disposal of old tyre and VAT.

*  If you cannot find the particular tyre you are looking for please feel free to call in or telephone us on 01685 876017 to speak with one of our experienced staff members for a no obligation quote.

The Marshal brand is a mid-range tyre manufactured by The Kumho Tyre Company.

Below is a small snapshot of the most popular sizes of tyres available. We have many other sizes in stock all at very competitive prices. Those that are not currently in stock we are usually able to source for the same day (if ordered before 11am) or next day fitting. Please give us a call, email or drop in for a no obligation quote.

165/60x14 MH12 75H £43.50
175/65x14 MH12 82T £44.70
175/65x15 MH12 84T £45.90
185/60x15 MH12 84H £49.50
185/65x15 MH12 88T £45.90
195/45x16 MU12 84V £51.90
195/50x15 MU12 86V £44.70
195/55x15 MU12 85V £55.50
195/55x16 MU12 87V £61.50
195/60x15 MH12 88H £49.50
195/65x15 MH12 91H £47.10
205/45x17 MU12 88W £67.50
205/50x17 MU12 93W £72.30
205/55x16 MU12 91V £48.30
205/60x16 MH12 96VXL £65.10
215/45x17 MU12 91WXL £66.30
215/50x17 MU12 95WXL £79.50
225/40x18 MU12 92YXL £67.50
225/45x17 MU12 91W £56.70
225/45x18 MU12 95YXL £95.10
225/50x17 MU12 98WXL £81.90
235/40x18 MU12 95YXL £84.30
235/45x18 MU12 98YXL £95.10
235/50x18 MU12 101YXL £102.30
235/55x17 MU12 103WXL £84.30
245/45x18 MU19 100YXL £92.70
* Prices are subject to change, without notice, in line with market conditions.
A&A Tyres (Aberdare) can supply and fit Marshal tyres. Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to help.