Wheel misalignment considerably decreases the life expectancy of your tyres, due to excessive wear, and prevents your vehicle running straight and true.  Not only can this result in safety issues but can also significantly decrease the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.  If there is abnormal wear on your tyres this could be a result of misalignment.

At A&A Tyres (Aberdare) our experienced technicians are able to identify any abnormalities and use the very latest Hunter wheel alignment technology to ensure a precise wheel alignment* of your vehicle.  Our designated bay for wheel alignment* allows us to provide specialist alignment for cars, 4x4’s and vans.    

We also offer a bespoke alignment service* carried out by our experienced Steering Geometry Specialist as well as caster camber adjustment.

We do not operate an appointment system for wheel alignment and all alignments are performed on a first come first served basis*. However, the service we provide is second to none and will be carried out efficiently and with precision by our highly experienced staff.

* We regret that, at the present time, we are only able to offer wheel alignment for customers who use another of our services such as, MoT, tyres, servicing, etc.